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Photogrammetry—Making Point Cloud Magic from Drones and Photos

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    Can you really use only simple photographs as the base to build a fully parametric Building Information Model of existing buildings or infrastructure in Autodesk Revit? Don’t you need a laser scan? Or traditional survey?

    In this hands on lab, you will have the opportunity to use Autodesk Recap to take photographs taken on an iPhone to produce a Autodesk Recap point cloud. We will take you through the full the whole process of this, from signing up your account through to the advanced GPS powered coordination features. We will then look at how we can use the outputs of this, including the mesh within Autodesk Remake, where we will show you how to import the data and visually inspect it. We will also dive into Autodesk Revit, where we will build a simple Autodesk Revit model which could be used for continued development. And…. We have a few surprises in store as well if we get the time!

    Further to all of the above, we would love to share our findings of how we have utilised photogrammetry on large sites, such as a lift bridge on the Isle of Wight and to calculate cut and fill requirements to restore infrastructure after the floods in Cumbria. We will share our lessons learnt, best practice and even give you the opportunity to see the very impressive full dataset which was generated using over 600 30 mega pixel photos taken using a UAV (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle, or “Drone”).

    Key Learnings

    • Learn what photogrammetry is and how to use it in a real-world project
    • Learn how to process photos into point clouds in Autodesk ReCap
    • Discover the benefits of bringing photogrammetry information into Revit for refurbishment / extension projects
    • Understand the interoperability between Autodesk ReCap and Autodesk Revit