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Pesky Electrical Settings That Drive You Crazy

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    Revit® MEP software for electrical engineering is all about coordination. Yes, it does modeling in 3D, but the biggest benefit for electrical is not that it can model 3D lights. Rather, it is that it produces a coordinated model with the insurance that everything is circuited and documented correctly. Setting up Revit MEP for Electrical can be painful. There are many pesky settings and things that just do not work the way you want them to work. Come and join me as we discuss the major items that I have discovered that keep electrical engineers up at night trying to configure Revit MEP to work the way they want it to. We tackle problems such as editing panel schedules, changing graphics of nested families, working with homeruns, working with hosted fixtures, and working with load classifications. Don't let Revit MEP get the best of you. Learn how to fix these pesky settings before they drive you crazy!

    Key Learnings

    • Work with and configure electrical panel schedules
    • Control the graphics of nested symbol families
    • Apply tips and tricks when creating electrical circuits
    • Explain how load classifications and demand factors are applied