Lecture    MP2153
Automate your Revit-Based Software Workflows: Let the API Do the Work
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This class provides a big picture overview of how the API interacts with your projects as well as gives specific training on using the API to automate your workflows. We discuss actual time-saving solutions that are made possible with the API, with a focus on giving participants the general understanding and resources needed to start their own API projects. We examine specific code samples, showing how to extract information from elements in linked models, and we cover some practical uses of the raytrace functions of the Revit API. We also present the use of the API to automate data manipulation and discuss the transfer of data from other sources. The class includes discussion of example applications and discussion of ideas for future development.

Key Learnings

  • Evaluate the potential for the API to accelerate production in the real world
  • Describe the API development process as a whole
  • Use the API to query linked models for element information
  • Identify methods of data import/export and model manipulation using the API



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