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Performing a Lifecycle Assessment Within a Revit Model
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Lifecycle Assessments (LCA) are gaining relevance as a way to minimize a building's environmental impact. This seminar will demonstrate how we can use Revit software to perform LCA on architectural projects at any stage of the design process using Tally software, a new add-in released in 2014. The session will acquaint the audience with LCA through a comprehensive review of key concepts and their relation to building materials. Instructors will give hands-on demonstrations of Tally in a Revit environment, conducting assessments ranging in scale from discreet studies appropriate for addressing early design phase considerations to design option comparisons and whole-building assessments. We will tie these assessments back to core LCA concepts, highlighting the magnitude of the impacts found through assessments as compared to the modeled operational impacts of the demonstration projects.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the concepts of Lifecycle Assessment and apply them to architectural projects
  • Learn how to use Tally to augment the materials found within a Revit software model to include more accurate lifecycle impact information
  • Learn how to perform a project Lifecycle Assessment using the project Revit software model during all project phases
  • Learn how to interpret the results of a Lifecycle Assessment report to make informed design and material specification decisions



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