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Panel Discussion: Approaches to Field Asset Management

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    This class will present attendees with a solid understanding from several customer experiences with Field Asset Management software and include a discussion on best practices. In collaboration with a number of customers in the utilities (electric, water, communications, and gas), wewe will discuss field asset issues and solutions for utilities including field inspections and data collection; image and content capture for ReCap 360 software models directly from the field; and integration and synchronization with enterprise databases, including geographic information system (GIS). For the panel we will have at least 2 customers attending and 1 or more available remotely by webcam to discuss important issues in 3 broad categories: training and human factors for field workers; best practices for InfraWorks 360 Field Asset software; and IT requirements, including integration standards and security.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to populate InfraWorks 360 Field Assets from enterprise GIS database technology
    • Learn how to visualize the status of inspections in the office and in the field
    • Learn best practices and practical approaches to developing, maintaining, and synchronizing models across multiple systems
    • Learn how to provide value-added workflows by using APIs to synchronize multiple A360 services