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Owners, Facility Management, and BIM: A Roundtable Discussion

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    As owners and facility managers, we are the ultimate customers, consumers, and caretakers of Building Information Modeling (BIM). We manage our buildings, grounds, and utilities for years and even decades after the designers and contractors have wiped their hands clean of the projects that built them. In spite of that, proportionally little emphasis is given to owners and facility managers when it comes to BIM. Most is focused on owners as customers of designers and contractors, rather than emphasizing owners as consumers and users of data. What BIM information does a facility really need? How is it integrated into a facility management program? How does an asset management program get stood up for a facility? How are renovations, partial facilities, and campuses integrated in such a program?

    Key Learnings

    • Discover that real BIM adoption is a disruptive change to your facility and organizational processes
    • Learn how to assess what data you need, what data you can use, and what is just noise
    • Learn how to assess different methods for integrating BIM data into an asset management program and what approaches others have taken
    • Discover what future changes may be coming to BIM and facility management