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Out and About: AutoCAD Mobile Basics

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    Tablets and smartphones are no longer futuristic concepts. These devices are ubiquitous and extremely powerful, both in our daily lives as well as in our professional workflows. But how can we use them in our CAD lives? AutoCAD mobile lets us use the copious amounts of data we include in our DWG™ files anywhere we are. Whether in the coffee shop, on the factory floor, or in the middle of a field (cell signal not withstanding), you can get to your DWG files in the cloud, make changes to the native geometry, and share your changes with others. This class will go through the basics of adding cloud access to your app, drawing new geometry, and modifying existing work, as well as pulling information like dimensions and areas from your drawings. We will also cover best practices and access for non-AutoCAD users.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to download and set up AutoCAD mobile for cloud access
    • Learn how to open and modify native DWG files
    • Review best practices like templates
    • Explore collaboration with users not proficient in AutoCAD desktop