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One-Click PDF Model Reports: Connect Revit to the InDesign API

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    As a large office, AHMM has a high number of live Revit models being developed at any time. Keeping track of model size, quality, and health across all projects is a key objective of AHMM's Digital Design Group. Come and learn how they have been able to fully automate their in-depth model review process through connecting the Revit and Dynamo APIs. As BIM manager at AHMM, Aaron Perry leads a digital strategy, standards development and training to ensure architects approach model development efficiently. In his role as Computational Design Specialist Oliver focuses on developing process automation tools for Revit, streamlining workflows and undertaking proactive research into leading-edge technologies. Subjects covered include: 1) contrasting the value in both reporting model metrics and converting that to a learning tool for the team; 2) where model review reports sit within AHMM's quality assurance processes; 3) how reviews can serve as an educational tool; 4) building a custom ExternalCommand in Revit; 5) setting up a development environment for cross-API interaction; 5) gathering model metrics using the Revit API; 6) the basics of InDesign's API; 7) setting up an intelligent template file. Oliver will cover best practice on visual report design and conclude with an overview of helpful resources.

    Key Learnings

    • Utilise model reports as an educational tool
    • Measure Revit model quality and health by gathering key metrics
    • Set up a development environment to extend Revit's API
    • Generate intelligent model reports using the InDesign API