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Now that the Vault Is Open: Intermediate Implementation of Vault Professional 2015

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    Starting where the previous class (Vault Professional Meets Alice In Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole We Go) left off, this lecture covers the trials and tribulations of next year's implementation of Vault Professional 2015 software. We will begin with an overview of what Autodesk, Inc., accomplished with the software over the previous years, refreshing your Vault Professional foundation. This class will also cover tips and tricks for developing training guides for your users that will lessen user impact and improve productivity. Learn how to take advantage of Buzzsaw software for secure access to the latest versions of your files in the field, and discover how the software works with Vault Professional software for easy collaboration. This class will also detail the advanced customization of Vault Professional software to make your work faster and more efficient. This class mainly focuses on the use of Vault Professional software in an architecture, engineering, and construction environment.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to successfully implement Vault Professional 2015 software specific to your organization's needs
    • Learn how to develop beneficial user guides, ensuring limited downtime
    • Learn how to create a Buzzsaw software site, allowing field staff access to the latest files in the vault
    • Learn how to employ advanced-customization features found in Vault Professional software