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    New to design visualization? Having a hard time understanding the language needed to communicate or produce the daily requests for images or videos? Or maybe you have newly acquired an Autodesk® design suite and now have access to design visualization software without knowing where to begin? Are you missing opportunities because you don't understand the requirements for design visualization or can't express what you need? This class is for you. Learn the basics of design visualization, understand the language to create images or videos that will communicate your design and make your feel like a pro. This class takes concrete examples directly related to 3ds Max® Design, Showcase®, and Revit®-based software but also covers topics that relate to all 3D visualization software.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain the principles of image and video creation and learn how to choose the right output for different presentations
    • Describe which strategies to adopt for data exchange and the different organizational structures between software products
    • Explain the concepts behind the creation and application of materials with custom images for 3D models
    • Describe what it takes to increase performance for data exchange, modeling, lighting, and rendering