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New BIM Managers Startup Guide

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    Whether you are looking for a BIM Manager or want a job as a BIM Manager, but you have no idea where to start - This class is for you. Without a doubt, BIM management requires an extremely diverse set of management skills and toolsets. This roll is often called upon to provide tips, tricks, technologies, tools, and strategies to better manage the company's BIM environment. A BIM Manager needs to have the ability to tackle problem identification, problem solving, user motivation, senior management support, budgeting, training program justification, objection handling and more. I hope that this class will give you a few insights and resources to help you hire the BIM Manager you need or give you the resources to be the best BIM Manager possible.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand what it means to be a BIM manager in today's world
    • Learn about standards and resources to help define your practice
    • Learn about tools, API, and Dynamo
    • Learn about marketing BIM