Lecture; Management; Technical Features; Technical Features; Interoperability    CM5921
Networking AutoCAD® for Control and Speed
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Do you maintain AutoCAD platform tools for a bunch of users? Do you have to support branch offices? If so, this class will help you get your AutoCAD environment under optimal control via AutoLISP® customization, CUI customization, and a unique way of synchronizing networked content with the user's machine to achieve maximum speed. We will cover centrally located standards content such as palettes, CUIs, plotting files, databases, blocks, and other content using a combination of profiles, project folders, registry access, and AutoLISP to control it all. Particular attention will be paid to achieving maximum speed for the user. All concepts will be presented using a sample environment that you can alter to fit your company immediately after class. Whether you use plain AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D®, AutoCAD Architectural, or AutoCAD Mechanical, this class will give you the knowledge you need to finally get all your AutoCAD tools under centralized control with maximum speed.

Key Learnings

  • Use synchronization to keep all machines current
  • Centralize standardization of key files
  • Use customization to manage network resources
  • Retain maximum user software performance



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