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More than the Model—A360 Teams for Architectural Project Management
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This class will demonstrate effective workflows for using the various features of A360 Team for coordination and collaboration on projects. We will explore the differences when using the platform for internal coordination within a single firm versus external coordination with many firms in the same A360 Team space. We will show how to utilize the commenting tools to effectively coordinate, reducing printing needs or the need to employ additional software platforms. Additionally, we will demonstrate workflows utilizing the Wiki feature of A360 Team to document design decisions, enabling greater team understanding of the project and reducing conflicts. This session features A360 Team and Collaboration for Revit. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Learn about effective project collaboration using A360 Teams
  • Learn how to utilize the Wiki feature to track design decisions in the cloud
  • Understand the benefits of using A360 Teams for internal versus external collaboration
  • Learn how to reduce printing by utilizing digital markups


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