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Modern Tools for efficiently moving CAD data into a game engine

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    Efficient pathways for 3D Design Visualization and CAD data into a real-time game engine are always a challenge. This session will highlight two case studies that demonstrate the modern data pipeline and its challenges and realities of real-time applications. We'll analyze and dissect the flow of data of architectural visualization and manufacturing CAD assets into the Unreal Engine. We will demonstrate and explore Epic Games' new "Datasmith" plugins and work flows so you can see for yourself the advantages of the fast and efficient on-ramps into Unreal engine that will shave hours or even days of your workload.

    Key Learnings

    • To identify what key factors lead to successful translation to real-time rendering engine
    • Employable strategies for geometry and textures for believable surfaces
    • Identify the first steps needed once in a real-time engine to begin working with your data.
    • Identify real-time performance considerations for various project types like VR, Mobile, and Desktop/deployable.