Industry Talk    AS226410
The Modern BIM Manager: Human, Machine, or Team?
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There is an increasingly heavy reliance on complex software in the construction industry, but are we investing adequate resources to support this increased usage? This class will explore the traditional BIM (Building Information Modeling) management role, and how that role is adapting and expanding in today's industry. We'll demonstrate how to implement and manage a design technology support team in your organization, and how to enhance the level of support provided to your users. The session will focus on various automated and team-based strategies to help enhance productivity, decrease the risk of software-failure time loss, and help users get the most out of their software in both the local office and across a global organization.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to implement and manage a Design Technology Support Team in your organization
  • Learn how to consistently provide a higher level of support across project teams
  • Learn how to reduce the risk of crashes, slow running speeds, and other technology-related time loss
  • Learn how to streamline daily support and gain more time for innovation



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