Lecture    CO6037
Model-Based Constructability Review During Design
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The design process is very different from the construction process. The design model is in a constant state of change. To date, contractors have had issues providing relevant constructability reviews because they are always a step behind. Constructability reviews are usually a reaction to a released set of documents. Design, trending, and analysis through the model enable contractors to interact with the Design Team in a more meaningful way. This process provides a regular feedback loop from contractor to designer on constructability issues. As a result, the contractor is able to deliver meaningful information at a time when the designer is still able to respond to it. This process takes little to no time on the part of the contractor or designer and provides a path toward a proactive constructability review. This class will review the process used by Kiewit Corporation and HDR, Inc., to create this unique model-based working environment.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the design trending process
  • Recognize possible issues that may be encountered with this process
  • Discover the benefits for the contractor and the designer
  • Identify advantages of design trending over clash detection during the design phase



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