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Millions of Dollars Plus Revit Nerds Equals World's Best Revit Standard

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    Just 12 months ago, we asked ourselves the question, is it possible to create a single Revit standard suitable for use across a global business without making compromises? This session chronicles the journey we've completed to do just that. we'll cover how we've created families that can 1) shapeshift depending on the country they are being used in, 2) switch between metric and imperial units as needs require, and 3) contain more data than any other families we've ever created. In addition, we'll also cover how we've created an engine that can produce Revit templates from scratch to any desired specification in a matter of minutes. And the reason we did all of this? To unlock the potential of the data we're generating on all of our projects by creating a single “digital language” to store it all-and we don't want to keep that language to ourselves. We've learned a huge amount by tackling this challenge, and now we want to share this knowledge with you.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create “global” families that are able to spawn local versions with flexing symbols and shapeshifting geometry
    • Learn how to configure these families so that they can be metric, imperial, or both
    • Learn how we flipped template creation on its head by combining many small template files together
    • Learn clever techniques for building families, including 3D geometry rotation and how to build families “in reverse”