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Mega-Modeling for Megaprojects: Infraworks Bridge Modeling Workflow

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    This presentation will showcase how HDR is utilizing Autodesk’s Linear Bridge Modeling Workflow on megaprojects in Los Angeles, CA and Ontario, Canada. Autodesk’s AEC Collection+Inventor is being used to create 3D models for elevated guideways, bridges, and tunnels among other civil structures. The demonstrated workflow will show creation and placement of parametric parts in Inventor and Infraworks, utilization of Civil 3D alignments and corridors to define linear paths, and cross discipline coordination in Revit and Navisworks. Additional discussion points include construction phasing, support-of-excavation structures, and using the model as source geometry for sheet production. The goal of this presentation is to demonstrate the dynamic ability and versatility of the Linear Bridge Modeling Workflow as it was used on two multi-billion dollar megaprojects.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify the components that make up the Linear Bridge Modeling Workflow.
    • Create parametric civil structures models using Infraworks, Inventor, and Civil 3D.
    • Gain ideas on how to expand the use of this workflow on your next civil structures project.
    • Learn more about Infraworks and how it can be used as a design authoring tool.