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The Mechanics of Motion Automation in 3ds Max 2018

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    Mechanical motion is all around. From a simple door hinge to a car cylinder piston, it's easy to forget that even simple real-world motions can be complex operations in 3D animation software. This class will explore several methods for automating complex motion animation in 3ds Max 2018 software. Designers will learn how to wire parameters and import the assembly into 3ds Max, and how to create similar constraints using 3ds Max tools. You will learn strategies for building a hierarchy based on animation requirements, as well as basic parameter wiring and the setting up of links and inverse kinematics to mimic specific constraints. The class will step through multiple short lessons that let you animate specific moveable parts. Finally, attendees will see what advantages each tool has for different steps in the animation of complex motion.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to wire parameters for rotational motion animation 3ds Max 2018
    • Learn to simulate pivot constraints using 3ds Max tools suitable for animation
    • Learn how to rig a mechanical assembly using bones and inverse kinematics
    • Learn how to create a keyframe animation to drive the assembly