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Maximizing the Digital Twin: Improving Project Handover

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    Digital-twin technology enables users to create dynamic, data-rich replicas of their buildings that connect all stakeholders and systems. But how do you get started on your digital-twin journey with Autodesk Tandem software? Building information modeling (BIM) data integrations into Autodesk Tandem workflows are becoming an essential component of today's facilities management, enabling organizations to optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve the user experience. This presentation will explore how to implement data throughout the project lifecycle, whether it's a new construction or an existing building. You'll learn first-hand from a virtual design and construction (VDC) expert, a facility manager, and the Autodesk Tandem team, representing all project stakeholders' perspectives. Gain insights from recent project case studies that demonstrate the versatility and benefits of digital-twin technology across various applications, including the new Windover-built Phillips Exeter Academy (PEA) dorm project and how it innovatively optimized facilities management.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to minimize risk and improve productivity in facilities maintenance by using Autodesk Tandem data as a living document.
    • Learn how to create digital-twin models from BIM and reality-capture data to set an effective foundation for optimized facilities management.
    • Learn how to maximize digital twins to transform the handover process for construction projects and streamline collaboration.
    • Learn about the benefits of creating a digital twin and how it improves collaboration, streamlining maintenance and operations.