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Maximizing VDC in Prefab and Modular Strategies on a Renovation Project

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    Join us in this presentation as we showcase how we used 4D visual planning, laser scanning, model-based coordination, virtual mockups, and other virtual design and construction (VDC) tools and processes to overcome existing conditions and optimize the renovation process, which included the use of 206 prefabricated bathroom pods, for the 20 Mass Ave project located in Washington, D.C. The former office building is undergoing renovation to become a mixed-use location with retail space and a luxury hotel. By working together as a whole, these tools enabled the project team to streamline communication, reduce errors, and stay on schedule and budget. Don't miss this opportunity to learn practical tips and insights on how to integrate VDC strategies for the successful implementation of prefab and modular strategies in renovation projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain insights to how VDC technologies can be used on a renovation project with prefabrication and modular components.
    • Learn how various VDC implementations can interact with each other to deliver a successful project.
    • Learn how to overcome existing condition constrains maximizing VDC technologies.
    • Learn how virtual planning has been used on construction project with prefabrication and modular components