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Mastering Collaboration in Design and Manufacturing with Desktop and Cloud

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    Enterprise, medium-size, and small companies all have the same challenges: How to manage CAD data and how to collaborate on designs across multiple teams in an efficient way. This class will focus on an audience that’s using Autodesk's design and manufacturing products like AutoCAD software, AutoCAD Mechanical software, Inventor software, and more. In the first part, we’ll clearly explain how Vault software can help you to manage 2D and 3D CAD data and collaborate with others. Further, we'll smoothly integrate Vault software’s Project Sync in our workflow as a facilitation to collaborate with externals. Once, we've passed our first connection to the cloud, we’re going to demonstrate additional cloud-product use cases you can integrate to be more productive.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the collaboration possibilities of Vault Professional
    • Learn about the collaboration with Vault software’s Project Sync capabilities
    • Learn how to capitalize on Autodesk's desktop and cloud products
    • Learn ways to effectively work with design data across multiple platforms