Pre-conference Session    FDC323090
Automation Workflows with the Forge Design Automation API for Inventor
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Automating workflows and processes increases productivity, reduces errors, and saves costs.  Now you can automate your Inventor processes in the cloud – to achieve collaboration and automation at scale. In this class we will present five examples of what can be done with Forge and the Design Automation API for Inventor. These will be running examples with reference code available in github. The purpose of this class is to stimulate your creativity by demonstrating  what can be done - and also to provide sample code as a springboard to accelerate your own automation development. The five examples will be: A web based configurator, automating BOM pricing and supply by leveraging the design and back end systems, generating an assembly and drawings from iLogic rules, building product content by connecting Design Automation API for Inventor to Design Automation API for Revit and setting up a Design Checker for enforcing company standards.

Key Learnings

  • Accelerate Forge automation with real examples and code to get you started
  • Connect to back-end systems to automate and end-to-end order-to-make process
  • Leverage multiple Forge offerings to create a compelling product
  • Bring your desktop automations to Forge for cloud-scale throughput and web based collaboration




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