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Making Your AutoCAD Work Faster (for People Who Don’t Want to Learn to Code)
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Are you an experienced AutoCAD user? Do you want to get even better and faster with the software? Have you looked at other sessions about coding or customizing AutoCAD and thought they seemed too complicated? This session is for you! Learn how to do simple automation tasks to save time and increase productivity. Even though we’ll use LISP, this is not a coding class. If you can type some commands at the Command Line, we’ll use that knowledge to help you build some simple automated routines. For example, what if you could just type in 4 and you’re automatically offsetting 4”, or type in ZZ and you zoom to extents and then back out 10%? You’ll learn many, many more of these simple tools and how you can set them all up in one or two text files to take with you for the rest of your AutoCAD career.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the simplest way to build your own routines and take them with you
  • Learn how to create dozens of time-saving routines in AutoCAD
  • Walk away with a library of hundreds of these routines that you can use
  • Discover the differences between script files, LISP routines, and PGP files



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