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Making VR's ROI a reality - A case study on hyper-realistic clinical mockup

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    This session will focus on Carilion Clinic, Robins & Morton, and VIATechnik’s journey in producing a virtual reality hospital room mockup to accelerate design coordination as part of a new hospital expansion to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital in Roanoke, VA. Physical mockups are a commonly-used method to validate design feasibility before construction. However, this has been challenging during the pandemic for active end-user participation and delayed design process as result. The team saw an opportunity to implement virtual reality (VR) instead to replace the old industry practice for design optimization. This decision has led to a measurable 13x financial ROI and strengthened the team’s future commitment to immersive technology. This session is targeted to help owners and general contractors. It will explain the overall proper process of developing initial VR environment using Maya and design iteration procedure to engage maximum participation and fast design iterations.

    Key Learnings

    • Validate ROIs of implementing Virtual Reality on healthcare projects from clinical team
    • Define successful VR Mockup Setup, Process, and potential Challenges
    • Explore decision-making process of implementing next generation VR for mockup from project team
    • Identify relevant stakeholders and community engagement that will benefit from this new method