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Making a Molehill out of a Mountain: Asset Information Management

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    This presentation will discuss a variety of asset information management solutions and offer insight into what it takes to effectively implement one on your project. With many options available, owners continue to look for the particular asset management system that suits their facilities' needs, some of which are now incorporating 3D as-built intelligent models into their interface. Regardless of the specific management system chosen by the owner, early planning and communication between the entire Project Team is key to establishing a workflow that will enable the massive amount of facility data to be collected and delivered in an efficient manner. The common goal is to have all of the information input and functioning in the owner’s asset information management system in time for the first day of building operations.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the value to owners of establishing a solution for managing asset data early in the project (if not before)
    • Discover the value to owners of establishing a plan early in order to have your asset management system populated from day one
    • Discover the benefits of incorporating a 3D as-built model into an asset information management system
    • Discover different ways that general contractors can collaborate with owners to meet their asset data collection needs