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Make NavisWORK for You: Intro to the Navisworks API

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    Are you a BIM professional looking to get more out of Navisworks software? As you probably know, BIM workflows can vary greatly from firm to firm, creating large gaps between the generalized functionality of mass-market BIM software and the custom needs of a particular group. Enter the world of programming. Daunting as it may seem for people who have never written a line of code, with some effort you can be writing Navisworks add-ins in 6 weeks or less. We'll be focusing on 3 main topics: a high-level overview of the API structure, a case study of a real-world plug-in built by Brasfield & Gorrie to track issues in the coordination process, and some helpful resources to get you started coding and writing your own plug-ins. You'll leave with inspiration and ideas for your own coding projects, along with confidence to take the next step.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the overall structure of the Navisworks API
    • Learn how to implement a basic "Hello World" plug-in
    • Discover concepts of custom functionality and learn how the Navisworks API can be used to achieve them
    • Discover the right learning path and resources to learn to code Navisworks plug-ins