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MEP Engineering and BIM: Connecting Teams and Workflows in Revit and Autodesk Construction Cloud

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    This class is all about actually getting the (promised) benefits of building information modeling (BIM) by connecting and integrating MEP engineering and Revit BIM data and workflows. We'll build on our 2022 session, and provide more insights into the actual benefits our colleagues have experienced and how we take on this challenge, as well give the specific technical details that make these integrations work. We'll share the lessons we've learned about how to take on the challenge of developing connected workflows, who you should include in the process, and how you can make it work. We'll cover the whole spectrum, from idea to testing to global rollout, also highlighting the benefits that our colleagues have shared with us. We'll also focus on the technical side of the implementation, to make sure you get some useful tips when creating the tools to facilitate connected workflows. You'll gain an understanding of how this connected and integrated way of working can positively benefit your business outcome.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover benefits of connected MEP engineering and BIM workflows.
    • Learn about working with colleagues to define and prioritize connected MEP workflows.
    • Learn about building connected workflows in Revit, Dynamo, and C#.
    • Learn about and use several (new) technical solutions.