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Leveraging Revit as a Big Data Resource

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    Guy Messick of IA Interior Architects will tell the story of IA’s journey in discovering how creating data-rich workflows within a Revit system can transform the work of a global interior architecture firm and how we communicate to our clients and each other. In the last year, IA and Proving Ground have collaborated to implement a new data infrastructure for harvesting BIM data into a centralized and scalable resource. These methods have impacted IA’s ability to gain actionable insight in a wide range of metrics including deliverable quality and market benchmarking. He will share the discovery and specifics of how this technology has the power to fundamentally change the approach to engaging with our staff, clients and the AEC industry. Guy will be discussing real world issues like costs and funding, software, successful Revit strategies and visualizing data in Power BI.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about approaches for harvesting and storing Revit model data into a single, searchable resource.
    • Learn about best practices for defining use cases for using your BIM data for process improvement and market insight.
    • Learn how custom tools and data infrastructure can support your business objectives.
    • Learn about using BIM data with business intelligence platforms to create rich visualizations that can deliver insight.