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Learn What Good Content Looks Like From MEP Manufacturers and Wholesale Suppliers
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When it comes to ITM content for Autodesk, Inc.’s, Fabrication software manufacturers and contractors, both struggle with creating and managing good ITM content. There are subscription-based or "managed" solutions on the market, but they are costly. This panel will discuss what good content consists of. It's more than just dimensional data—it's connection rules, pricing codes, labor units, and so on. In addition, the panel is going to discuss how the responsibility of creating content will be moving from contractors to manufacturers and wholesale distributors. This will lead to a free/open-source content database made up of manufacturer-provided ITMs. This panel is going to consist of industry-leading contractors, manufacturers, and wholesale distributors.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to distinguish between good and bad MEP content
  • Learn how to pressure manufacturers and wholesale distributors into creating ITMs
  • Learn how to create MEP content faster (tips and tricks)
  • Learn how to inform your company of the MEP content strategy



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