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Just the FAQ on the Revit API

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    Revit software customization via the Revit API has continued to grow in popularity over the last several years. Because of the complexity of Revit software and the extensiveness of the Revit API, new Revit software add-in developers often run into similar problems and repeatedly ask questions of the customer support or on social media and forums. This course collects many of the most-frequently asked questions and most-likely encountered problems into a single presentation. In this lecture you will see common solutions to typical problems, discover often repeated Dos and Don’ts, and learn recommended approaches to developing and structuring Revit software add-ins. For each topic we will review the mistakes or roadblocks developers typically stumble upon and show the recommended solution while illustrating the answers with useful examples you can borrow from or modify. This course assumes the working knowledge of Microsoft .NET programming and experience with the Revit software API.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn many of the most commonly asked questions, and the related answers, asked by users of the Revit API
    • Familiarize yourself with recommended Revit API programming patterns
    • Discover specific limitations of the Revit API and use known workarounds
    • Learn how to choose the right approach and techniques for successful Revit add-in development