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Jump Ship When the Time’s Right: Get Hands on with AutoCAD 360 Mobile

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    This class will focus on the AutoCAD 360 mobile app, its unique position in the AutoCAD software network, its feature set, and workflows to improve efficiency both in and outside the office. We will explore how to use AutoCAD 360 to expand away from the traditional desktop by using the latest tablet and smartphone technology to access, draft, review, and edit drawings anytime, anywhere. This hands-on workshop will assist you in kick-starting your journey from using desktop-based AutoCAD software onto the AutoCAD 360 mobile app by capitalizing on the capabilities of the A360 cloud-based services. We will deep-dive into AutoCAD 360 software’s powerful tools and capabilities, and look at some tips and tricks to integrate the app into your day-to-day work routine. This session is relevant to all mobile users—iOS, Android, and Windows 10. Transition from the old days of pen and paper and start drafting with a swish of your finger! This session features AutoCAD 360. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to get started with AutoCAD 360 and pick up where you left off in AutoCAD
    • Learn how to create new drawings from scratch, as well as make edits on the fly, using a rich and accurate tool set
    • Learn how to view and review your design by making use of AutoCAD 360 software’s measurement and markup tools
    • Get tips and tricks that will enable you to become an AutoCAD 360 power user