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Inventor to Revit: Revit Project Export from Inventor for BIM Collaboration

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    In this class, we’ll explore the new Export Revit Project (RVT file) functionality in Inventor 2022 software. We'll explore why BIM (Building Information Modeling) is important to building product manufacturers, custom fabricators, and industrial facility owners, and level set on Inventor software's existing BIM interoperability tools. We'll then work our way through a five-part workflow example that includes 1) importing Revit data with AnyCAD for Inventor for Revit projects (RVT file); 2) simplifying the manufacturing design model in Inventor, “bottom up” (with simplify) and “top down” using Model States (also new in Inventor 2022); 3) exporting the Inventor model as a Revit project (RVT file); 4) linking the Inventor model into Revit for review and collaboration; and 5) updating the Inventor model, and updating the export to see the design update in Revit. We'll provide data set and written and video recorded instructions, and there’ll be a live session of questions and answers.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to simplify your Inventor model, in preparation for exporting to Revit
    • Learn how to export your Inventor model as a native Revit file
    • Learn how to link your Inventor file into Revit
    • Learn how to update the Inventor model, and also update the Revit export