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Inventor 2019: The Sharpest Tool for Woodworking

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    This class will present both techniques and actual working methods and workflows used by end-user companies utilizing Inventor software with customized toolsets. The creation of architectural content, furniture, cabinetry, millwork, doors, windows, trade show booths, stairs, store fixtures, and interiors for boats, planes, and tour buses are just a few of the industries utilizing the software today. This class will emphasize actual construction procedures using the latest version of Inventor software and several core development tools. The presentation of multiple approaches to shortening cycle time to manufacturing is the key in increasing accuracy as well as time to manufacturing. One-button CNC can be a reality. If 25% or more of your design is utilizing wood products, this class will assist you by presenting automated alternatives. The end goal is that designers have more time for creativity, enabling them to work more efficiently and accurately.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to identify and adopt the necessary workflows for designing and fabricating wood-based design
    • Learn how Inventor can be customized and become the primary tool for all possible wood design development
    • Learn how to apply efficient practices for standardization of engineering and manufacturing departments
    • Learn how to build for manufacturing/CNC output