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Lecture    CR2265
Introduction to Storytelling: It's Not Just Fairy Tales at Bedtime
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The class presents an overview of storytelling, which is the human side of communication. Thought-provoking case studies of master storytellers are presented to stimulate the principle that design matters. Storytelling guidelines are discussed to formulate the combination of best practices, CAD/visualization tools, empathy for the client's perspective, and passionate delivery of design intent. A special emphasis is placed on storytelling in the physical world where the words are actually the visualization of architecture and landscape elements. Workflow case studies that use mixed media Autodesk® software such as Showcase®, Revit®-based software, AutoCAD®, and 3ds Max® Design are presented as real-life examples of storytelling's integration with technology.

Key Learnings

  • Organize graphical, visual, diagrammatic, and data elements as a well-orchestrated presentation
  • Generate compelling presentations into thoughtful, passionate, and entertaining storytelling formats
  • Persuade positive responses with well-presented supportive design features prior to the final crescendo
  • Combine Autodesk presentation programs and personalized storytelling techniques to achieve desired results


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