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Introduction to BIM 360 Docs API
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In this class, we will introduce you to BIM 360 Docs software’s API. BIM 360 Docs software is a cloud-based document management system tailored specifically for construction projects. As the document at the center of BIM 360 family products, BIM 360 Docs software promises to play an important role for unified development of the BIM 360 mobile and web platform. BIM 360 Docs software provides an API as a part of the Forge Platform Data Management API. Using the Forge Platform API, you can access documents stored in BIM 360 Docs software, display models using the Viewing API, and search data in the model. Using the API, for example, you can automate updating models from external applications, make a report to keep track of a team’s progress, and connect your own web services applications with BIM 360 Docs projects. We will show you how to get started with the BIM 360 Docs API, share examples of use cases, and demonstrate what you can do using the BIM 360 Docs API. This session features BIM 360 Docs and Forge. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Understand the basic structure of Forge Platform Data Management API
  • Learn how to use the Forge Platform Data Management web-services API to access and modify BIM 360 Docs data
  • Learn how to use Forge Platform Viewing API to display models in their application
  • Understand current capabilities and limitations of the BIM 360 Docs API


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