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An Intro to Getting Dynamo to talk with RAM Structure Using the API
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RAM structural analysis 3D models are a part of most structural engineering offices’ workflows. The models are typically created by structural engineers and used by structural engineers to perform structural engineering analysis on projects. There is a wealth of rich building information in the 3D analysis models that could be used for design, quality control, and many other tasks. The reality is that most data extracted from these structural analysis models is extracted manually. This process is tedious, time consuming, and costly. What if you could show structural engineers how to extract all that rich data using automation techniques such as Dynamo and the RAM API? Would you be their hero? This class will teach you how! You do NOT need to be a structural engineer nor do you need to know RAM Structural Systems to take this class. This class will NOT teach you how to run any structural analysis or link Revit software to RAM.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to understand the RAM API
  • Learn basic C# to create custom Dynamo nodes
  • Learn how to create custom Dynamo nodes that tap the RAM SS database
  • Learn how to move data from RAM to other databases



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