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Interior Design to VR

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    This session has been developed due to requests from clients and describes the process of using a Revit model, the ease of transferring to Revit Live, and the capacity to enhance this with animation in 3ds Max and then move to VR with 3ds Max Interactive. The session, in collaboration with John Lewis, will encompass this workflow as part of their immersive experience for the refurbishment programme of their retail outlets. The course will look at how spatially the existing stores can benefit from using VR to enhance and optimise their space. The session with John Lewis was originally developed over 4 days, with this session outlining how to get existing data from Revit or CAD into VR. The principle development flow of how to use the Revit model and CAD data, with Revit Live, will be outlined and how to get a basic understanding of spatial awareness of the store and then move this model and information into 3ds Max to enhance with animation and effects. We'll also look at representation of this in 3ds Max Interactive (Stingray) to have additional interactive capacity; for example, picking up certain objects and changing the texture of carpet and wall surfaces.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the importance of Virtual Reality
    • Understand the benefits of Virtual Reality
    • Explore the workflow of moving existing data to VR
    • Review the synergy between Autodesk products interior design