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Integrate BIM 360 Within Your Enterprise with Forge

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    You have probably heard that next-generation BIM 360 products are being built on top of Autodesk Forge platform, and seen various demos highlighting the advanced technology that Forge provides. What does this mean to a BIM 360 enterprise customer? By leveraging the "free" and "add-on" Forge web services that come with BIM 360 subscription, enterprise customers will be able to elevate the return-on-investment of BIM 360 to the next level. In this session, we will share with you the success stories and use cases, from enterprise customers' perspective, on how to use Forge to extend and integrate capabilities of BIM 360 to align with the company workflows and fit into the ecosystem within the enterprise. You will get better understanding on what is available and applicable out of Forge to BIM 360, and gain inspirations on ideas as to what you can do with your models and data to power the future of construction. (Joint AU/Forge DevCon class).

    Key Learnings

    • Understand what Forge means to BIM 360 customers
    • Learn industry success stories involving the use of BIM 360 and Forge
    • Explore opportunities to integrate BIM 360 into construction ecosystem
    • Learn how to get started and where to find resources