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Insights on Design Automation for Water Treatment Facilities

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    Resource constraints, cost concerns, and a desire to better leverage emerging AI and ML technologies have caused design teams in the water industry to adopt automation tools to accelerate their work. These tools allow designers to leverage standardized processes and design content to efficiently generate high quality documentation with 3D visualization, while still providing a customized solution to meet a client’s specific needs. These tools can allow multiple designs using alternative treatment technologies to be efficiently generated and evaluated as part of design optimization efforts. This presentation includes a discussion of current trends in design automation, with a focus on water and wastewater treatment facilities. This includes the use of bots, BIM/CAD automations, and specialized rules-based design automation tools. A case study of a project using the Transcend rules-based automation package will be discussed to show the value that can be achieved with these tools.

    Key Learnings

    • Evaluate options for increasing design automation in their firm
    • Explain the benefits of implementing different types of design automation in facility design
    • Identify opportunities for automation improvements in their firm
    • 4. Integrate existing design standards with automation tools