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Innovations in Workstation Technology

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    In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, workstations stand as pivotal tools that catalyze innovation and drive efficiency across a spectrum of industries. This presentation sheds light on recent innovations in workstations impacting the building design/construction, product manufacturing, and media and entertainment industries. Driven by the rapid implementation of new Autodesk tools and integrated add-ins, these industries are continually pushing the limits of computational requirements. In other words, the software "monster" that we have created (and love) needs to be properly fed. In this session we will discuss innovation in CPU, GPU, I/O, and workstation engineering that can benefit the complex 3D, VR, AI, and Reality Capture workflows.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain how the new generation of CPU, GPU, and I/O technology impact design and collaboration efficiency.
    • Describe what makes a workstation uniquely important in supporting a wide variety of software ecosystems and industries.
    • Discover how workstations are leveraged in emerging AI, immersion, and reality capture workflows.
    • Compare software and hardware implementations in order to improve productivity and innovation.