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Pre-conference Session    CCS323918
Innovations Shaping the Future of Construction 4
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In this panel discussion, we’ll describe a future of construction that no author can assuredly predict. In our earnest effort, we’ll examine the current state of the industry; observe the trajectories of technical, methodological, and cultural changes over the last several years; and attempt to describe the fruitful environments for innovations that will shape Construction 4.0. We’ll address the market, technology, opportunity, impacts, culture, and emotions, with a global perspective, and relate them to trends in other industries. We’ll present a strategic pathway for leaders of Project Delivery Networks to inspire and guide their stakeholders to achieve success through integration of technology, market savvy, cultural identity, and principled purpose. Along the path, the culture experiences “small wins” that sustain the commitment to long-term transformation to analytical excellence, growth, new services, and an inviting and innovative environment.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the technology innovations shaping the future of construction
  • Learn about the key strategic initiatives required to be an industry leader
  • Learn how to implement strategies to create a data-driven construction organization
  • Discover the cultural and behavior implications of construction 4


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