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Infrastructure and the Public Good

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    Globally, Architecture, Engineering and Consulting (AEC) firms are being asked to conform to mandates for the use of risk-based triple bottom line (TBL) analysis into design decisions starting in the conceptual planning stage. There is an awareness that infrastructure serves the public good and that lowest cost solutions are not sustainable, resilient, or adding to the quality of life of our society. The objective of infrastructure proponents in imposing TBL mandates is to shift from the lowest cost approach to a highest sustainable return on investment approach. The ability to monetize the public benefits of infrastructure via a triple bottom line economic assessment means that designs can be vetted more quickly, stakeholder push-back is reduced, and there is faster approval for the building of more sustainable and resilient infrastructure. This session will show how an AEC firm is helping a public agency use TBL assessment to calculate public value. This session features InfraWorks 360 and AutoCAD Civil 3D.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how information from Infraworks can be leveraged with economic decision making.
    • Understand how feasibility and planning decision support can be linked and integrated with the design and visualization process
    • Elucidate the benefits of using the same model, methodologies and data through planning, design, and stakeholder engagement stages of a project
    • Learn from a case study of stormwater management using grey and green infrastructure for the public benefit