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Lecture    SE1592
Incorporating Engineering into Revit Structure: Project Procedures
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This class demonstrates how to use custom families that incorporate structural calculations within a project environment. In addition, this class shares some project procedures and tools that will enhance the capabilities of Revit Structure software for engineers, such as working schedules, calculated values, and conditional formatting. By integrating engineering into custom families and project procedures, a structural engineer can make use of more features of Revit to aid in the engineering design process. This class covers several custom families and procedures and how to incorporate various methods, through conditional formatting and visibility settings, to notify the engineer if any of the components are overstressed or otherwise not working. In the companion class, SE1591 Incorporating Engineering into Revit® Structure: Advanced Families, the custom families are discussed and demonstrated within the Family Editor.

Key Learnings

  • Incorporate engineering into Revit Structure
  • Describe custom families that incorporate structural engineering calculations
  • Use working schedules and conditional formatting to enhance the capabilities of Revit Structure
  • Use custom families in the project environment to enhance the capabilities of Revit Structure


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