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Improve Design and Modeling Workflows Collaboration with VR Sketching

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    The digital creation process has made physical models rare. Today, iterative work around form finding, feature line definition, or design definition convergence has to happen digitally on 2D screens. Imagine if you could connect virtual reality (VR) full-scale visualization in VRED software with 3D modeling workflows in Alias software through custom tools that allow designers to sketch tape lines in VR, giving instant feedback to the 3D modeler in Alias—and use ShotGrid software to capture the sketched tape lines to feed downstream digital-modeling activities. Discover how Autodesk Consulting can help you improve collaborative workflows in your studio, going beyond out-of-the-box product capabilities.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how build a live connection between Alias and VRED.
    • Learn how ShotGrid can connect creative and modeling workflows.
    • Discover the customization capabilities of Alias, VRED, and ShotGrid.
    • Learn about the art of the possible with virtual 3D modeling workflows.