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Illuminate Your Best Design with Revit Daylighting Analysis

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    Take a deeper dive into Revit software’s daylight analysis tool. This class will provide you with a workflow, helpful hints, and best practices used by one of the largest architectural firms in the world. If you are questioning why, when, and how to use these daylight analysis tools, this is the class for you. Architectural spaces should connect building occupants with the outdoors, and reinforce circadian rhythms through design features that reduce electric lighting and introduce more natural daylight. Learn how to develop detailed daylighting analysis models with respect to factors such as geometry and material definitions. This class will also show you how to use Revit software to provide accurate performance feedback and visual information for indication of your design relative to sustainability goals for LEED reporting. Please join us for this class as we light your way to a better Revit daylighting analysis process.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the importance of incorporating daylighting strategies early in your design
    • Learn how to effectively set up daylighting analysis in Revit
    • Learn how to translate Revit data into documents and calculations for a LEED V4.1 quality submission
    • Gain learning aids to successfully run daylighting analysis studies back at your office