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How to Write an Awesome Facilities Management Data Specification

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    Have you seen a facilities management spec? What is a facilities management spec? As a facilities manager, would you like to have a say in what your data deliverable is? As a contractor, would you like to focus your owner on what matters? What if the asset data was collected, organized, and usable before the facility opened? What if the preventative maintenance was scheduled and the maintenance records were accessible on a phone or tablet before day one? Our industry is producing some fantastic data, but owners are often left with none of it or an overwhelming, unusable amount of it. This class will focus on what a facilities team genuinely needs to maintain the building. We’ll give you the questions to ask in order to focus on the data facilities that technicians need, not the data we want to provide them with. We’ll also discuss the processes needed to achieve success.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to write a facilities management data specification
    • Learn about critical questions to ask facilities teams to focus on essential asset data
    • Learn about how simplifying the approach can change how our industry turns over O&M and closeout data to create usable deliverables
    • Learn how to implement asset data requirements, establish responsibilities of data collection, and set dates for the data deliverable