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How Women Rise: Leadership Strategies to Connect & Cultivate Innovation

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    Digital transformation impacts nearly every facet of an organization. For the Construction Industry, this digital transformation is palpable and encompasses how people, culture, technology and process intertwine. Research shows that diversity and inclusion are key components that can encourage new ways of working and help to unlock this potential. And yet… women rising into leadership positions where they can help usher this transformation remains a challenge for the construction industry. In this interactive panel, you’ll hear directly from women in leadership roles as they share their personal stories of rising in the industry, and the strategies they use to develop frameworks for managing innovation in construction, tapping into unique background of teams, and empowering a culture where transformation (and diversity) can thrive.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn to leverage the effects of digital transformation to your advantage
    • Realize the importance of diversity in the workforce and how it drives innovation