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How Technology, Innovation, and Generation Y Will Shape the Future of the Workplace
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This panel session focuses on the key issues that are related to technological advances in the construction industry and how these advancements will influence the future of the industry. The panel draws upon the work undertaken by the CIC (Construction Industry Council UK) BIM 2050 team in the UK which was established as a group of young professionals late in 2012. The team consists of a complete cross section of the industry through the entire lifecycle of the building process. The team are passionate about technology, future gazing, and collaborative processes. We continue to embed our research in areas that allow us to understand the technical, psychological, and physical impacts of BIM adoption and future collaborative methods. There has been no government-driven team of this kind anywhere in the world and the key to the success of the group is its involvement with key political figures in the UK and thought leaders throughout the world who are teaming up with them to influence change.

Key Learnings

  • Generation Y workplace behavior and speed of adoption of new processes and techniques
  • Future processes and incremental changes in technology, leading to 2050 and beyond
  • Education drivers in BIM and how these will develop in terms of setting up the industry for the next 15 years
  • UK Government progression leading to the 2016 deadline based on all public projects being BIM by that date


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