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How to Save a Million Dollars: Automate Mechanical-Design Calculations with Revit

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    Much of a mechanical engineer's time can be spent doing calculations by hand, checking schedules against layouts and schematics, and manually sizing pipes and ducts; this can be very boring, and is likely to lead to inconsistencies in your deliverables. Revit software has the capability to link your 3D model, drawings, schedules, and calculations all together in one place, saving you precious time that should be spent on designing rather than adding up. This class will use live demos and presentation material to showcase new features like analytical pipe connectors, and old ones like pipe sizing, treatment plans, and calculations in families. You will also see some examples of Dynamo scripts and add-ins that we have developed to speed up our design processes and add intelligence to our models. Real project examples are used to show automation from concept design right through to detailed design, including space data, thermal loads, system connection, and sizing.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to carry out mechanical calculations in Revit
    • Get a good idea of how Dynamo can help mechanical engineers
    • See how Revit can be used at early design stages for significant time savings
    • Learn tips and tricks to get the best out of Revit (old and new features)